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Finally, a car club for the modern day car enthusiast

Whether you’re a seasoned car collector and enthusiast or you are new to the world of classic and collector cars, we’re the same, united by our shared passion for cars.


Experience cars like never before

WheelHouse provides a space for owners and enthusiasts to indulge in their shared common passion for cars.

WheelHouse gives car owners the ability to enjoy cars as they were intended. We handle the automotive headaches so you don't have to, making car ownership the pleasure it should be.

A true turn-key experience.

You don't need to own a car to enjoy your passion

If cars are your thing, become part of the WheelHouse family and meet other members who share your passion within our welcoming car-centric community.

From car events where you can get up and close to your favourite cars, to racing simulators where you can set your best lap times and compete with other WheelHouse members.

We have partnered with Roarington to allow you to enjoy the finest simulator racing experience, taking in the world's greatest racetracks with a manual 3-pedal setup, its a whole new level of automotive addiction.

  • Sustain Fuels

    The revolutionary fuel that combines sustainability, preservation and superior performance for classic vehicles.

    Created with a commitment to preserving the beauty and legacy of classic cars, SUSTAIN Classic is carefully engineered to meet the unique needs of vintage engine systems.

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  • Electrogenic

    Electrogenic is a world-leading developer of EV drivetrains, famous for our elegant re-powering of beautiful classic cars. Their experts are at your service to deliver to you the EV of your dreams.

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  • Net Hero

    Net Hero is an easy to use web-based platform for motorists to access environmentally responsible driving. Whether you're driving a Ford Focus or a Jaguar E-Type, Net-Hero allows you to offset your vehicle's carbon footprint.

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Join the waitlist to be the first to receive further information, including our launch date and membership tiers. We look forward to welcoming you to the WheelHouse experience.


Request Investor Access

If you are interested to learn more about investment opportunities in WheelHouse please contact to request investor access and learn more.